Charles Del Campo


Charles Del Campo was born in Havana, Cuba in the 1960’s when his parents migrated as political exiles to the United Stated of America as a result of the communist regime. “Charles” is worldwide recognized as an Author, independent investigative journalist, accomplished political commentator, security consultant and human rights activist. As a former military, police officer and security expert, ‘Charles’ has gained notoriety from the Hispanic community and media due to his controversial political opinions on conspiracy theories on globalization. He is best known for his conservative arguments with geopolitics and passion for America’s constitutional law and its founding fathers principles. 

On 2008, ‘Charles’ was the first Freelance Investigative Journalist in the world to announce on Hispanic television in Mega TV, with host Maria Elvira Salazar, about the falsehoods of WMD in Iraq. As a result of his accurate predictions, ‘Charles’ became the target of the FBI, DIA, and NSA, while simultaneously earning the respect among his journalistic constituents in the Hispanic community. Afterwards, ‘Charles’ received numerous distinctions in television and radio, since no nukes were found. ‘Charles’ declares, “This type of governmental deception triggered many people to seek the truth”. Others like Wikileaks with journalist Julian Assange, (an Australian Internet activist), Edward Snowden, and Bradly risked their lives to also bring justice to light. ‘Charles’ later declared on television, “Freedom of the Press is no longer an alternative in America”.

Early life and Education

‘Charles’ was born in Havana, Cuba to family of Carlos E. Del Campo and Rosa M Alvado. As Cuban political exiles they were force to fled “Castro’s dictatorship in Cuba in the early 1960s, while abandoning all their wealth, hotel, land, properties and bank finances. Afterwards, ‘Charles’ attended grammar school in Miami, Florida and later the family relocated to San Juan, Puerto Rico, where ‘Charles’ attended Catholic School in Nuestra Senora de la Providencia. While residing in Puerto Rico, ‘Charles’ was exposed to the nationalist teachings of human rights activist, Pedro Albizu Campos; who later influenced and molded ‘Charles’ future endeavors in life. After graduation, ‘Charles’ returned to Florida and graduate from MDCC Miami Dade Community College with an Associate’s Degree in Criminology and from Barry International University, with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. In addition, ‘Charles’ also attended university courses in the University of Miami and Florida International University in order to enhance his educational knowledge.

Military & Police Career

Charles Del Campo was initially recruited from college by the US Navy and later recruited in the University by the Police Department of Metro-Dade. Interestingly, ‘Charles’ is the first person in the USA as a Sheriff in recommending to all police departments to implement from revolvers to pistols and from shotguns to automatic weapons. Unfortunately, this recognition was never made official or public. Later on, after experiencing corruption and discrimnation in the police department, ‘Charles’ was exposed to civil rights violations.

Meanwhile, an attempt on his life was made by senior Police Officers; who coincidentally are still active within the dept. ‘Charles’ declares, “I lived the life of Serpico”. Like so, years later, the Police commander Robert Gonzalez was indicted and arrested along with other corrupted Sheriffs, while others inconspicuously remained in the force. After such culminating disappointments in law enforcement and working the Miami Riots of the 1980’s, ‘Charles’ decided to expand new horizons as an activist in defense of minorities and “Human Rights Advocacy”. In 2005, ‘Charles declared on radio, “My unfortunate events, made me stronger and active in constructive social just causes”.

Years later, “Charles” also became an underground activist for the liberation of Cuba and was affiliated as a subcontractor by a paramilitary commando group OPLC (Operacion Para la Liberacion de Cuba). At the time, many CIA operatives were providing support, training, strategies, intelligence and financing to such clandestine deployment operations. Subsequently, after the election of former President Bill Clinton, these covert-ops were terminated and the anti-communist groups were dismantled by the General State Attorney’s Office under Janet Reno. During this period, “Charles” first journalistic assignment was when he secretively received an un-edited video of the 1993 offensive assaults in Waco, Texas at the Branch Davidians complex. Amazingly, (76) seventy-six people were unjustly murdered; including women and innocent children as a direct result of law enforcement intentional negligence. ‘Charles’ later recants, “I will never be part of such oppressive systems, while unjustly violating human rights”.

Media Personality

Charles Del Campo, received global recognition for his book Secret Societies Exposed in CNN international, and El Circo De Los Cavernicolas, which brought him overnight success among all Authors, Journalist and Hispanic Media. Interestingly, US publishers refused to distribute his book and ‘Charles’ had to seek foreign assistance from Canadian publishers with Trafford. ‘Charles’ later declares on radio, “I’m honored that the Canadians received me, while the Americans rejected me”. Moreover, ‘Charles’ book was actually compared to the Dan Brown novel of the Davinci Code, which can be obtained in http://www.Publicaciones

As a result, ‘Charles’ authored a regular column on conspiracy theories, political corruption, military abuses and the New World Order in multiple cybernet and televised channels.  Additionally, ‘Charles’ has written extensively for other venues in the security field and as a ghost writer. Charles declares, “It’s unreal that the US is exporting American labor to Communist China, since trading with the enemy is illegal, and the enemy of Democracy has always been Communism”.

Like so, ‘Charles’ candid, magnetic personality and intellect on all subject matters has brought him as a guess to co-host a weekly, Spanish-language talk shows for WQBA, Univision Radio, Mega, La Calle, Caracol and Radio Mambi; where ‘Charles’ was the counterpoint to his host, Rodolfo Morales, Maria Elvira Salazar Alan, Villafan and Santiago Aranequi. During these controversial topics, Charles Del Campo has been invited to appear nationally and internationally on many channels and political discussion groups.

Some of these media channels can be seen in YouTube with his appearances in CNN, Telemundo, Univision, RT, and MegaTV, as well as on numerous local TV network outlets; while acting as an expert on Intelligence, Business, U.S. politics, national security and international affairs. In 2006 to 2010, ‘Charles’ was the main security expert and analyst of renowned journalist Maria Elvira’s Salazar program in Miami, Florida during the Iraq war period.

Meanwhile, the former executive director of Maria Elvira’s program, named Yovana Martinez always proclaimed that ‘Charles’ Del Campo is one of the best “Freelance investigative journalists” of this eon. Interestingly, ‘Charles’ is also known for interviewing key people of importance and never revealing his sources in order to protect the identity of those who fear governmental retribution. One of ‘Charles’ known interviews was Captain Lazaro Betancourt, who was in charge of Dictator Fidel Castro’s presidential detail. Like so, ‘Charles’ also interviewed, Mohammed Altikriti, (the nephew of former President of Irag, Saddam Hussein). On such journalistic adventures, ‘Charles’ declares, “nowadays what the mainstream media reports is not always what you hear”..

‘Charles’ has also been featured in the most watched Hispanic television program in America, “Los Implicados” with media tycoon Allan Villafan. In this particular episode, “Allan” challenged the world media to tune in to the amazing expose of Charles Del Campo new journalistic findings with 911. On 2009, Charles displayed on live camera, the original governmental letter which warned of the impending assaults of 911 to the World Trade Towers!

Villafan declares, “Charles” is rarely recognized, until he shows up in the news! As a result, ‘Charles’ present book in Spanish, “El Circo De Los Cavernicolasis already expected to be an international ‘Best Seller’ and according to readers, possibly nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. With due cause, ‘Charles’ considers himself a humanist and existentialist, while advocating peace, justice, equality, and un- corrupted democracy with transparency in capitalism.


‘Charles’ is registered as an independent I-Report Journalist with CNN, where several of his work can be seen. Aside from promoting freedom as an Author, philosopher, explorer, poet, activist, political analyst, and conspiracy theorist commentator, ‘Charles’ has maintained fraternal affiliations for over 30 years of his professional career. Interestingly, ‘Charles’ is considered an educated bohemian, cultured, intellect and fraternal Freemason to JMP Lodge #371. Thus, outside the political bubbles and controversies of his debatable declarations, ‘Charles’ is still very active in the mystical secret societies of Freemasonry, Rosicrucian Order, Scottish Rite, Martinist Order, Knight Templars Order, Illuminati and Agni Yoga, while practicing the ancient teachings of Sufism, and Bhagavad Gita. 

Themes and Issues

Independent of what adversaries say, Charles Del Campo main focus is to promote American values to domestic labor rights, business integration of entrepreneurship, constitutional human rights, and a control free-market with equal principles for the Hispanic community as well as in Latin America. According to ‘Charles’, such profound documentaries made by Oliver Stone and Michael Moore are awakening society to a new conscience in order to evolve out of our dogmatic mental caves. Presently, “Charles” is working on a project to launch a documentary about the life of Pedro Albizu Campos, while his http://www.Publicaciones editorial is trying to finance the cinematography of such film.

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